Pule Estate


At Pule Estate we operate on the "Carte Blanche" principle, which means that head chef composes our 5 and 7 course degustation menus from the dishes you will find listed below. We adapt the menus only in the case of dietary restrictions or allergies. We reserve the right to change certain components or entire dishes according to season.


Cold apppetizers

Sturgeon ceviche / radishes / salsa verde / chive emulsion / sturgeon chips

Carp terrine / spiced rhubarb / cucumber gel

Beef tartare / egg mayonnaise / compressed radicchio / barley cracker / burnt onion powder

Warm appetizers

Mushroom gnocchi / glazed morels / hollyhock / asparagus / hollyhock veloute

Glazed thrush / black root puree / wine reduction with capers / chicken veloute / deacon radish

Main dishes

Braised catfish fillet with herb mousse / bbq mashed cabbage / fermented cauliflower sauce

Slow-roasted trout / potato peel sauce / fennel salad / potato terrine

Aged beef loin / onion confit in beef tallow / slow-cooked beef cheekbones / onion puree

Roasted venison loin / venison kromeski / beetroot confit / blackcurrant gel


Hay meringa / green apple sorbet / savoury granola / apple granita with shiso

Poached rhubarb in its own juice / sour cream cream cream with vanilla / candied orange / red orange gel