A unique way to experience nature

The Pule Estate is the perfect retreat for all those looking to get away from it all, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Situated in the midst of nature, it offers long-forgotten treasures of peace, serenity, simplicity and inner balance on the one hand, and the opportunity to spend precious time with your nearest and dearest on the other.


Man and horse have been closely bonded for centuries, which has also paved the way for numerous legends and myths. Home to various horse breeds, such as the white Lipizzaner, black Friesian and brown Noric (named after the Roman region of Noricum), the Pule Estate delights in continuing this tradition.

Apitherapy - inhaling the air from beehives

Our apiary is specially designed to give our guests a unique apitherapeutic experience. The etheric substances in the beehive are well known to be beneficial for general health and wellbeing.


Rent a mountain bike (which comes with a children’s seat, if required) and cycle along the hilly paths that wind around the charming Dolenjska region.

Nordic hiking

Go hiking in the great outdoors, indulge in the sun and savour the pleasant aroma of cherry blossoms and acacia trees.


Surrounded by meadows and trees with gentle birdsong in the air … what better way to spend an unforgettable, carefree day? We will provide you with a picnic basket with special treats so you can while away happy hours without distraction.

Local attractions

There are also other culinary experiences and adventures to be had nearby. Take your pick from the local wineries and tourist farms, which boast an excellent range of culinary and wine options. There is also a cheese dairy, a horse riding school, a museum, the Klevevž natural spa and many other attractions just a stone’s throw away.

Golf and Tennis

If you are a golf fan, there is a world-class golf field Otočec in the direct proximity of the Pule Estate. It has more than a 75 hectare large playground by the river Krka. The course has 18 holes with compelling challenges.

For tennis enthusiasts, we recommend Tenis Club Krka Otočec, where they offer 6 outdoor tennis courts and 3 indoor courts in the multi-purpose sports hall.

The perfect hideaway from everyday life