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kitchen quarantine

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Recipes were entrusted to us by our chef Urh Kapelar, who is also quarantining these days at the kitchen counter and discovering new flavors. He also shared the simple ones we can prepare ourselves.

Ramson Pesto

Ramson Pesto
- 20g breadcrumbs 
- 20g hard cheese for grinding 
- 100g of blanched ramson
- 75g roasted almonds 
- 150ml  sunflower oil

Blanch the ramsons in salted boiling water for cca 1-2min
Cool in ice bath
We put all the ingredients in a blender
Slowly pour in the oil while mixing, to get a smooth emulsion
Season to taste with salt and pepper

Pickled spruce tips

- 2 cups fresh, young spruce tips, papery husk removed
- 1 cup water
- 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
-  2 tsp salt

Clean the spruce tips of their papery husk and give them a rinse.
Pack your 1/2l canning jars with spruce tips, leaving 1cm of headspace from the top
Heat the water, vinegar, and salt in a pot until dissolved and clear
Fill the mason jars with the hot pickling liquid, leaving 1cm headspace from the lid
Process the jars for 10 minutes in a waterbath canner, then cool
Allow the pickles to age for 3 months before using

Dandelion syrup with apples

-       200g dandelion flowers

-       200g apples cut into cubes

-       1l water

-       500g sugar

-       30ml lemon juice

We put all the ingredients but the sugar in a pot and let it slowly simmer for cca30 min

Once it is cooked we put the liquid through a fine sieve and add the sugar

We put the mixture back on the stove and cook it for cca15 or until it thickens and gets a yellow collor

Once the syrup is ready we transfer it to a bottle of our choosing